March 2007 Safety Thoughts

The Most Important Benefits of Chapter Membership

By Dave Hansen, Safety Officer


What are the most important benefits of membership in the Waterford HOG Chapter?

The Rides?

The Meetings?

The Dinners?

The Trips?

The Friendships?

All of these are important.  

Iím admittedly biased, but the MOST important benefit is the riding safety programs the Chapter makes available to itsí members.  This includes both the Chapter-sponsored ERC Class each year & the Group Riding Seminar conducted by the Chapterís Road Captain team each year.  Our Chapter goes to great lengths to make these programs available to our members.  Our Road Captains participate in both these programs each year.  

Please take a moment sometime to thank our Road Captains for their dedication & work for our Chapter.  Shake their hands & thank them personally for their good work.

Another way to show our Road Captains your appreciation is to make sure you avail yourself of our safety programs.  Sign up & participate in both the ERC Class on Saturday, April 28th & the Group Riding Seminar on Sunday, May 6th after the Chapter Meeting.


Ride Safe!