Jan 2007 Safety Thoughts

Counting as a Group

by Dave Hansen, Safety Officer 


Todayís talk is entitled Counting as a Group.  In Group Riding, we use several numbers for counting that are important to remember because they are key to our group riding techniques and overall safety when riding as a group.  These numbers are:

1          One second is the number of seconds of gap to allow behind the offset rider ahead of you when in stagger formation.

2          Two seconds is the number of seconds of gap to allow behind the rider directly in front of you when in stagger formation or when in extended single file formation.

1          Priority One is the priority we all have to get the group out of traffic when we reach a destination weíre stopping at.

2          Priority Two is getting parked.

3          Priority Three is dismounting.  (Get parked first.)

3          Three feet is the distance you should pull ahead from a parked position to let the road captains know youíre ready to go.

5          Five miles per hour is the number of miles per hour below the speed limit that the lead road captain should maintain when accelerating the group up to speed from a stop until the group reforms after leaving a stop.

5                    The lead road captain initiates a passing maneuver when the traffic being passed impedes the groupís travel by 5 miles per hour or more.

So how do we count when group riding?  

1          2          1,2,3    3          5          5

And thatís enough counting for today.  

Ride Safe!