November 2006 Safety Thoughts

Safe & Secure

By Dave Hansen


When I built my garage many years ago, I planned ahead for the safety & security of my motorcycle.To help prevent it from disappearing unexpectedly from my garage, I welded a piece of thick-wall pipe to a chunk of I-beam and then embedded the assembly into the concrete floor pour of the garage.I used Styrofoam forms to make access ports to the pipe in the floor, which I broke out after the concrete set up.Now I am able to run a security cable through the floor-embedded pipe & use it to secure my bike to the garage floor.

This works great when you can plan ahead during new construction.What can be done to retrofit a device to an already finished garage?Well, Harley-Davidson has a security item in their Accessories Catalog that will do the job. Itís part # 46120-99 and it consists of 3 anchors, a heavy eyelet plate & a sturdy cover plate.When properly installed and a hardened chain & lock are added, it provides a tuff and secure anchorage to help keep your bike in your garage until youíre ready to ride.



Ride Safe!