October 2006 Safety Thoughts

Be Visible Ė A Simple Tip

By Dave Hansen


Most of us are very much aware of how important it is to be seen in traffic.  Many of us use auxiliary lighting during the day to enhance being seen by other traffic.  This is a good thing.  But what if your bike doesnít have driving or fog lamps you can use to supplement your headlight?  A single headlight on low beam is sometimes almost impossible to see in bright sunlight.

My solution is to run high beam during the day.  Yes, occasionally Iíll get an oncoming car flash their lights at me.  But thatís good, because it means they see me.  Is it legal to run high beam during the day?  Well, quite frankly, Iím not sure.  But Iíve used this same strategy for all of my 42 years of riding & Iíve never been stopped by law enforcement because of running high beam during the day.

In addition to the added day-time visibility, thereís an added benefit to day-time high beams.  When it gets dark & you need to run low beam to prevent blinding oncoming traffic, you can be assured that your low beam will be there for you & hasnít burned out some time during the day, leaving you stranded somewhere without a headlight that you can use in night traffic to get you home.

Thatís my thoughts on the subject.

Ride Safe!