May 2006 Safety Thoughts

Essential Tools & Parts

Safety Officer, Dave Hansen

Itís been quite some time since anyoneís queried me about todayís safety subject.  That may be because everyone has this all figured out, or it may be because no oneís given it much thought.  Whatever the reason, Iím guessing thereíll be some here that will find the todayís talk helpful.  Today Iíd like to discuss tools.  Not just the usual tools you might expect to have, but those essential extra tools, and parts, that can help keep your overnight riding experience safe and enjoyable.

Now many of you may think you know what extra tools & parts Iím referring to.  Letís see if youíre right.  My list includes:

OK, thatís what I carry.  Whatís conspicuously absent from my list?  A tire repair kit.  My personal experience has been that proper tire maintenance & inspection before the ride, along with careful attention to where I ride & park in parking lots and such has worked well for me, negating the need for the tire repair kit.  However, Iím always happy when someone else in the group pulls one of these little beautyís out & rescues a rider that isnít as lucky at keeping air in their tires.

Ride Safe!