April 2006 Safety Thoughts  

New Rider Placement

Safety Officer, Dave Hansen

Today I want to discuss new rider placement within the group. 

First, we need to define new rider.  A new rider means a rider new to group riding, not a rider new to riding.  A new rider to group riding should have the following minimum skills set:

If you don’t meet these guidelines, you should not even be considering group riding.  Get some more saddle time alone or with an experienced buddy until you meet the criteria.  This minimum skills set is the same one we use to define a “1 Star” rider for our Ride Rating System.

Where within the group should a new rider be placed?  Correct answer is near the front of the group.


Are there exceptions?  Yes.

What are those exceptions?

Finally, where can new (and long-time) riders find this information?  It can be found in the Group Riding Techniques manual & in the Ride Rating System document.  The Ride Rating System information is available on the Chapter Website.  The Group Riding Techniques manual is a part of the new member packet we try to provide to every new member.  And you can call me.

Ride Safe!