December 2005 Safety Talk


Safety Officer, Dave Hansen

This monthís safety topic is Streetwalkers.  Now, I gotta say, this is a topic that I donít have very much experience with.  Iíve tried to slip out of the house to do more research on streetwalkers, but Lynn always wants to meet me for coffee.  That womanís got a sixth sense, Iím telliní ya. 

So instead of hands-on research, I spent hours watching Cops on TV.  From this research, Iíve put together a short list of safety tips for our streetwalkers.

1.       Do not go naked in the streets.  It may get you more donations, but youíll also get to spend the night in jail.

2.       Do walk on the lines between the lanes.  I donít know why, but the cops really enjoy watching you do this.

3.       Do not lay down in front of traffic.  The cops didnít seem to find this amusing at all.

4.       Do smile & wave at the people in their cars.  For some reason, the cops seemed to like this.

5.       Do not ask the drivers to meet you in the hotel parking lot.  No matter how much safer this seems, the cops will surround you as soon as you get just into the parking lot.

6.       Last, but not least, do have fun, but not too much fun that you forget youíre really playing in traffic & like when youíre riding, the cars are bigger & it hurts every one of us if you get hit.

Remember, weíre doing this for our Marines & the kids.  They all want us to return to our homes safe when our task is complete.


Be Safe

Have Fun

Watch the Traffic