July 2005 Safety Thoughts

 Consistency in Group Riding - A Key to Success

by Dave Hansen, Safety Officer 


Since we just celebrated a national holiday, I'd like to use it as a springboard for thought.  What's one of the great things about both this country, and riding our bikes?  Freedom.  It's all about the freedom. 

Yes, we're all individuals. We all have our own opinions regarding everything, including how we should ride.  That's a great part of our country's heritage. 

But, it's also a liability for us when it comes to riding as a group.  The key to group riding is not freedom, but rather, consistency. Let me explain: 

Consistency is defined as: 

Consistency in group riding means having everyone thinking alike with regard to formation, signaling, spacing and travel speed.  When riding as a group, consistency allows us to increase our ability to ride together safely. 

It's an integral part of our Chapter's safety program and group riding techniques.  While our methods may differ some from other HOG chapters or other motorcycle organizations, the important thing about our program is the consistency we use in both training and riding.  It's what allows us to have such an outstanding reputation as a group that rides well together. 

I hope everyone celebrated our independence this past July 4th.  Now, work on your consistency for our next group ride.

Ride Safe! 

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