March 2005 Safety Thoughts 

You & Your Road Captains 

By Dave Hansen, Safety Officer 

What do you, as a group rider, expect of the Road Captains? 

What do the Road Captains expect of you, as a group rider? 

How can you determine if you're meeting these expectations? 

Begin by asking yourself "What would I do if I were riding alone?" Certainly you'd want to know where you were going. The Road Captains call Rider Meetings before each ride to make sure everyone on the ride gets instructions about the ride and directions to the ride destination. Pay attention during these meetings and don't be afraid to ask questions if you didn't understand something that was said. 

Think while you're riding. If a light turns red at an intersection when the group is going through it but before you get to it, stop. Don't run the red light. You wouldn't run the red light if you were riding alone. Don't do it because you're in a group. You are responsible for your own actions! 

Part of that responsibility includes understanding & following the techniques our Chapter uses on our rides, as described in the Group Riding Techniques manual each member gets as a part of their new member package. Beyond just reading manual, a very good way to understand how these techniques work & practice them is to attend our Group Riding Seminar. There you will review the techniques of group riding in an interactive setting. 

The GRS is one of the few day ride events we do that is done as a rain or shine event (most of our day rides are shine only events). I encourage everyone to attend the GRS, particularly if it is raining, because it will help prepare you for riding with us in a group. 

If you're new to the Chapter & want to participate in some of our trip rides, you'll want to get some good rain gear anyway, so do it sooner & you'll be ready for the GRS, even if it rains. 

Remember, the better each individual rider understands our group riding techniques, the safer the rides become for the whole group

Bottom Line: All Chapter members should plan to attend the GRS on April 24th and/or one or more of the new member rides we scheduled throughout the riding season. 

Think Spring! 

Ride Safe!

Words of Safety