October Safety Thoughts 

Riding Skills & Experience 

By Safety Officer Dave Hansen


What a great summer we had this September.How many were able to enjoy the September weather by getting in extra riding time?Late summer & early fall give us opportunities for some of our best riding of the entire season.† 

Itís not just the weather that makes this some of our best riding.Itís because it comes at a time when our riding skills should be at their best.† 

Riding skills improve with experience.† 

Let me say this again.

Riding skills improve with experience.† 

Experience in this context does not refer to how many years youíve been riding.It refers to how many miles you ride.Not so much how many youíve ridden, but how many you ride.Present tense.

We work all riding season to improve our riding skills with experience.Then what happens?The weather turns colder, white stuff covers the roads, we tuck our bikes into their relegated storage spots and get on with our lives until the days grow longer again and our world thaws out.

Then we wipe the dust off the chrome and start over again.

I said before, and itís worth repeating, riding is mostly mental.We also need to wipe the dust & cobwebs from our riding skills.† 

Planning for next yearís riding season is already beginning this month.As we plan for our next riding season, letís each also plan for redeveloping our riding skills.Both individual and group riding skills.

These last couple years weíve had some uncertainty regarding availability of MSF classes for licensed riders, but be assured, I & the Chapter leadership will all do what we can to lock in an MSF class for Chapter members next riding season.And weíll be sure to include a group riding skills seminar on the Chapter activities calendar as well.† 

Each of you should plan to actively participate in these skills development and redevelopment activities.It will make you next riding season a better riding season.And it will make the miles youíre riding now an investment not just in the present, but also an investment in the future.Your future.As a skilled rider.


Thanks & Ride Safe!

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