April 2004

Words of Safety

updated 6/4/2004


As riding season approaches & our numbers of new riders grows, it seems an appropriate time to discuss the Chapter's policy regarding alcohol. 

That policy, most simply stated is: 

No drinking and riding. 

We want to maintain our focus on providing fun & safe riding experiences for all our members. We don't want to tell our members not to drink or that we don't drink. We just don't drink and then ride as a group. 

We also don't want to be placed in the position of playing policeman. This means we'd like everyone to voluntarily enforce this policy with regard to themselves. 

Our Road Captains have plenty to do planning ride routes, watching traffic & road conditions and trying to maintain group integrity on rides. The last thing they need is to confront a member that's been drinking and then wants to ride with the group. 

If we're on a group ride, stop for lunch & you have alcoholic refreshment, consider your group ride over at that point. You'll need to leave the group, or you will be asked to leave the group if you don't do this voluntarily. 

All that said, on overnight rides & trips, socializing over a drink seems to be the norm. Some even have reputations based on their socializing abilities. But, it's done after the day's riding is over and we've locked the bikes for the night. 

Ride Safe! 

Ride Sober! 

(Or, ride alone)


Words of Safety