February 2004 Safety Thoughts

Trailer Towing Safety

Part 2

by Dave Hansen, Safety Officer 

Once you've addressed the tow vehicle & trailer issues, it's time to make sure your bike is ready as well. When everything's set, it's time to hook up the trailer to the tow vehicle, then load up the bike. 

Before putting the bike on/in the trailer, take a couple minutes to get the trailer ready to strap down the bike - 

Once the bike is in position in the trailer - 

That's it for loading the bike. Unloading is just a matter of reversing the sequence, but here's a couple more tips that you'll need to know - 

When unloading the bike, leave the front tie downs for last - 

On a personal note, I use 6 tie down points in my trailer - 

Finally, almost all trailering horror stories Ive heard over the years involves the bike tipping over because the rear tire moved sideways far enough to allow the top-angled tie-downs to get loose & the bike falls sideways. 

While your trailer may be set up differently, I hope this provides some insight & useful tips that will make your trailering experience a safe experience. 

Tow Safely!

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