September 2003 Safety Thoughts

Some History

 by Dave Hansen, Safety Officer


Some history.  Long-time members, please bear with me.  About 10 years ago Dave Millerick assumed the Director’s position.  Under Dave’s leadership, the Chapter began in earnest to provide a solid safety program for the membership. 

We began having regular safety talks at the Chapter meetings. 

The Road Captains were organized under a Senior and Assistant Senior Road Captain.  They began meeting on a regular basis to discuss basic issues regarding how to lead groups safely.

We incorporated Chapter-sponsored ERC classes into the activities schedule.

As an active participant in these early activities, I saw a need to document group riding techniques in order to maintain a consistent set of standards that could be shared among all our members.  My Group Riding Techniques booklet was the result of those efforts.  Its’ content is based on personal experience from over 30 years of riding and was strongly influenced by the input I got from those early Road Captain meetings.

We developed the Chapters Group Riding Seminar program and have incorporated that program into the Chapter activities schedule on at least an annual basis.

We developed a Ride Rating System to identify the skills levels associated with each of our Chapter rides and a self-rating guide our members could review to determine if their skills set matched those needed for a particular ride.

All of these things have helped make Waterford HOG a leader and innovator in group riding safety. 

All that said, what is the biggest single factor that influences motorcycle safety?  Education. 

Education is the key to motorcycle safety.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation training is the source for that education.  Studies have shown there is a direct inverse correlation between motorcycle safety training and motorcycle accident rates. 

If you feel any of these programs have benefited you, next Saturday, September 13th is your chance to help the MSF program in southeast Michigan . 

Ride Safe!

Words of Safety