July 2003 Safety Thoughts

Road Captain Expectations

by Ted Albensi, Senior Road Captain


What do you, as a group rider, expect of the Road Captains?

What do the Road Captains expect of you, as a group rider?

How can you determine if you're meeting these expectations?

Begin by asking yourself "What would I do if I were riding alone?" Certainly you'd want to know where you were going. The Road Captains call Rider Meetings before each ride to make sure everyone on the ride gets instructions about the ride and directions to the ride destination. Pay attention during these meetings and don't be afraid to ask questions if you didn't understand something that was said.

Think while you're riding. If a light turns red at an intersection when the group is going through it but before you get to it, stop. Don't run the red light. You wouldn't run the red light if you were riding alone. Don't do it because you're in a group. You are responsible for your own actions!

Similarly, think also about all other riding situations. If the group comes to a 4-way stop and the opposing traffic courteously (yes, there are still some courteous drivers in Michigan) waves the group through the stop, then cautiously approach the intersection when it's your turn, slow to make sure the traffic really is waving the group through, then proceed on without a prolonged stop. This action will show responding courtesy by not holding traffic any longer than necessary. Please note that I am not advocating running the stop sign. The law requires you to stop. Courtesy, is this case, dictates a quick stop, then proceed with minimum disruption to traffic flow.

Ride safe & enjoy the riding season.

Words of Safety