March 2003 Safety Thoughts

Spring Tune-Up Tools

by Dave Hansen, Safety Officer

Now that March is here, itís time to think about getting out the tools to get the bike ready to ride.

(Show tire pressure gauge, combination wrench, allen wrench.)

While the tools that may come to mind seem obvious, itís been said by many that motorcycle riding is 10% physical, 90% mental. I would believe it would be more like 30% physical, 70% mental, but no matter, the mental part is the bigger part.

That said, letís look at the spring tune-up tools again. Doesnít it make some sense to tune up mentally as well? How about these tools? 

(Show Group Riding Techniques manual, Riders Edge Group Riding Book, MSF materials.)

These tools (books) can make as much, if not more, of a difference in getting things ready for the first ride of the season than any traditional tools can. That's why our Road Captains attend the MSF Safety Class each spring. That's why the Chapter organizes both the MSF Class and the Group Riding Techniques programs each spring. 

Keep that in mind when you're checking your tire pressures. Please consider signing up for these two valuable programs the Chapter has coming up for your own sake and the sake of the chapter member who may be riding next to you! Doing this mental tune-up as group can be much more fun and beneficial than trying to cover the material on your own.

Ride Safe! 

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