November 2002 Safety Thoughts

Safety Topics Review

By Dave Hansen

Each month I try to select a topic that is both of interest to the membership and time sensitive to our seasonal activities/riding program.  Listed below is a summary of Safety Topics Iíve covered since assuming the responsibilities of Safety Officer for the Chapter.  Hopefully each of these discussions has been of benefit to someone.  This month Iíd like to ask the membership for Safety discussion topics that most interest you.  Let me review the list with you. 

October 2000                 Road Captain Expectations

November 2000              Tires

December 2000              Cold Weather Riding

January 2001                   Risk Management

February 2001                January Trip to Florida for Ft Lauderdale RC Training

March 2001                    Trailer Tips

April 2001                       Spring Tune-Up

May 2001                       Thank You to RCs for ERC Support

June 2001                       Spacing

July 2001                        Understanding The Ride Rating System

August 2001                    Parts & Keeping Them (Thread Lock Products)

September 2001              Fall Road Hazards

October 2001                 Are You Blind? (adjusting rear view mirrors for best use)

November 2001              Battery Safety

December 2001              Jackets Ė Fashion or Function?

January 2002                   Anti-Fogging Strategies

February 2002                Check Your Tires

March 2002                    Tune Up Time (mental prep for riding)

April 2002                       Know Your Limitations (selecting rides that match your abilities)

May 2002                       Braking Strategies

June 2002                       Survival Reactions

July 2002                        Group Riding Skills & Attitudes

August 2002                    Passenger Skills

September 2002              Visibility Strategies & Truck Hazards

October 2002                  Avoiding Deer

 Thatís subjects already covered.  Are there any subjects on this list you think should be revisited?  What would you like to have discussed? 

Ride Safe!


Words of Safety