February 2002 Safety Thoughts

Check Your Tires

by Dave Hansen, Safety Officer

The Sunday before the February Chapter meeting saw relatively clean, dry roads, lots of sunshine, with temps in the 50's. Great conditions for a mid-winter January ride. Did you get out? I know I did.

Before gearing up & heading out, I took time to give the bike a good check to be sure it was ready for the day's activities:

This brings me to the point of this month's Safety Article. It's always important to check your bike over before you ride, but it becomes especially important to check your tire pressures before riding every time you pull it out for that infrequent winter ride, where the bike has been sitting for a couple weeks or more since it was last ridden.

Enjoy yourself. But don't rush yourself to get out on the road without first doing a safety inspection of the bike & correcting anything you find deficient before you ride. CHECK YOUR TIRES!

Waterford Chapter members - remember that April is not far away & Chapter riding activities begin then, including the Chapter's ERC Class. Have you signed up? See the February 2002 Pig Tales for info & watch for more in the March issue.

Words of Safety