May 2001 Safety Thoughts

It's Riding Season!

by Dave Hansen, Safety Officer


I won't be at the May Chapter meeting because I'll be riding!

I do want to pass along congratulations to all those that participated in the ERC Class on April 22nd.

Also, Thank You to the Road Captains that came out to lead the groups over to Radcliff and participate in the morning (indoor) session. Your efforts are very much appreciated and important to the success of this activity.

Once again, I would remind members to check their tires & tire pressures before riding & at least weekly thereafter.

Next, I want to again ask that you take a few minutes to sit your bike and review the operation of the bike's controls. Locating & using the horn, turn signals, high-low beam & kill switches need to be second nature, operated properly, immediately, without looking. Mentally re-familiarize yourself with your bike before you gear up and head for the road.

Ride safe. Keep the rubber on the road!

Words of Safety