February 2001 Safety Thoughts

January Activities

by Dave Hansen, Safety Officer


This month's thoughts are a reflection of last month's activities.

First, please excuse me for not attending the January Chapter meeting. Last month's Safety Talk subject will be covered at the February Chapter meeting.

I had the unique opportunity to participate in the Road Captain Corps development process for the Ft. Lauderdale Chapter HOG.

All the members of the Ft. Lauderdale Chapter that I had an opportunity to meet, ride & work with during my brief 4-1/2 day visit were extremely friendly and courteous. I must express deep appreciation for the warmth & acceptance extended me by this Chapter. I think it's extraordinary to find a Chapter so willing to listen to input from a non-member regarding their safety and group riding activities.

They were also sincere in their desires to establish a positive, dynamic group riding program to enhance their Chapter rides and riding program. The dozen plus members that attended and actively participated in the Road Captain meeting on that Tuesday evening demonstrated their Chapter is seriously committed to riding safely and rider safety. I wish them the very best in this endeavor.

I also had an opportunity to ride with some of them as a group on the Sunday I was there. I experienced some of their traffic and road conditions while riding with the group. They have many similar and some different challenges compared to our conditions here in Michigan. It will require some adaptations to the guidelines I've outlined in my Group Riding Techniques manual, but I'm confident they will develop unique guidelines to meet their riding environment.

Members of the Ft. Lauderdale HOG Chapter


Good Luck Ft. Lauderdale Chapter! Please keep me posted on your activites & progress. I've applied for membership & hope to offer continued support where I can.

Waterford Chapter members - remember that April is not far away & Chapter riding activities begin then, including the Chapter's ERC Class. Have you signed up? See the February 2001 Pig Tales for details.

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