Did Mike Get a Raw Deal?

Another Perspective To Consider

Editorial Viewpoint by Dave Hansen


It's no secret that Mike & I don't see things the same way.  But some of the actions taken by Mike while in office seem not to be public knowledge.

Did you know ? -

These are only a few of the incidents that I can stand witness to watching Mike do during his tenure.  With all this (and more as reported to me by other members that I've not listed here because I don't have first-hand knowledge), I certainly feel Mike got treated MORE THAN FAIRLY.  His dismissal was done in private.  He was given enough advance notice that he still held a Board Meeting after he was informed but before the effective date.

A raw deal would have been to blind side him by making a surprise announcement at a fully-attended Chapter Meeting.  ABC could have done that, but they didn't.  They felt a need to make changes to the operation of the Chapter based on numerous complaints from a multitude of members.  They informed Mike of this & gave him several months to implement the required changes.  Mike ignored these requests to implement change, placing ABC in a position where more direct action was required.

Mike's dismissal was handled in a professional manner.  ABC did not publicly attack or demean Mike in any way.  A raw deal?  No way!


Ride Safe!

Dave Hansen