Regarding My 2007 Resignation - What Mike Doesn't Want You To Know     

Due to personal differences of opinion regarding many issues, including personal safety & well-being, affecting me, my family & members of our Chapter, I have voluntarily resigned from my positions as Safety Officer & Road Captain for the Waterford Chapter effective immediately (April 27, 2007).  

Many Thanks to All who have shown support for my efforts over the years.  

I will still be riding & will still be a Chapter member; I have too many friends to just "drop out."  Hope to see many of you at ABC's functions & out on the road.  Thanks again.  

NOTE - If you wish to have continued access to this page & its' content, I suggest you bookmark it now.  If & when the Waterford HOG website gets updated, the link to this page will probably be removed.

BTW - Did you notice the WHOG website updates stopped on 4/25/07?  You can thank Mike for that - 

Events stemming from activities beginning on a chapter ride 3 years ago & continuing after the 4/26/07 board meeting prompted me to re-evaluate my active participation & the effects that continued participation might have to the well-being & personal safety of  me and my family.  While I would have preferred to continue to actively serve the Chapter, the potential for continuing incidents & possible confrontations warranted my resignation.

Please understand that while I will be taking a "low profile" in chapter activities, I still value the many friendships I've made through my many years of active participation in the chapter.  I know my change in activity level will impact on these friendships.  This is the toughest part of all this.  It's really sad when the untoward actions of so few can impact so many.

Through all of this, I remain a loyal & dedicated customer of ABC Harley-Davidson.  I consider them & their staff to be extended family and I value their continuing friendships.  I hope all of you will continue to support ABC as well.  

Chapter politics are just that: politics.  They mean little when compared to all the wonderful, meaningful friendships.  Hopefully, today's additional comments on this web page adds some clarity to my actions.  

I hold no animosity to those individuals prompting my resignation.  To be fair, I think individuals should be held accountable for their actions, but I continue to find life is very seldom "fair".  That's just the way life is.


Ride Safe!

Dave Hansen